Testing the Windows Live Writer

I just shifted to Windows 7 Professional a few days back. I was trying to use the Windows Mail feature which I found unavailable on this new OS. They instead were offering this Windows Live Mail service. So, just of curiosity, I had downloaded it. Along came several other services. The Live Writer being one among them. Let’s see how it functions. This post is written on my WordPress blog using this writer software.


DSC00582 This is a picture from the Hostel Nite dance DJ taking place in our hostel last year.


Demonstration and Gherao of the JNU Administration in 2009

This is a video of a student demonstration and gherao that took place last year at JNU administrative block against the fee hike and other issues of the university. This video was also uploaded directly from the writer service. Great, I just uploaded the video from my computer to this writer software which directly uploaded this video to my Youtube page using my account details. Let’s see how this work.


And, wow! This great. It took me less than ten minutes to do all this. Including the upload time taken by the Youtube server thruogh my computer which was downloading my mails from gmail.


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